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In New York. In Hawaii.

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

In New York you talk gossip. In Hawaii you talk story.

In New York you talk about taking others down. In Hawaii you talk about rising and healing the collective.

In New York you are defined by what you have. In Hawaii you are defined by who you are.

In New York you rise before the sun to painfully exercise and get to work with a sense of greed and lack. In Hawaii you rise with the sun and take it all in. You move your body rhythmically with the ocean or intrinsically to your own beat with a sense of gratitude and abundance.

In New York you wear Louboutins and Golden Goose. You try not to get them dirty. In Hawaii you wear slippas or nothing at all and you hope to get dirty, to live, to take it all in - to feel the earth beneath your feet and simply get to where you need to go.

In New York you wear a badge of honor for making it in the greatest city in the world. In Hawaii you simply live in natural beauty and thrive without standards or external judgement.

In New York you tell everyone how happy you are. In Hawaii you smile and breathe deeply.

I really miss Hawaii.

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