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Meet Kristie Goldstein,
Founder of Mana Energy Collective

Kristie was always a sensitive and gifted intuitive and empath as a child but learned to turn it off at a very young age as so many of us do.  Instead of a creative life, at times she didn't even know she craved, she pursued one of perfection, achievement, and "success" only to find that that wasn't the answer after all. 

Kristie started fully leaning into her own healing journey in 2019 after the birth of her two children, leaving the career she worked her whole life to achieve, knowing there was something more out there for her - a more impactful way to reach the people she really wanted to help.  

Kristie is empowered in a way that she never thought was possible before (mind, body, and soul), and she got there by throwing the old playbook out the window.  Kristie seeks to help others find their authentic self, to demystify misconceptions about energy healing and make this level of self-love and self-empowerment available to all.   

Kristie is a Reiki Master as well as a Master in Shamanic Reiki, a Level 2 Sound Healing Practitioner, and a candidate for the 2024 class of Inter-spiritual Counseling and Companionship (ISCC) at One Spirit Learning Alliance.  Kristie is deeply connected to Hawaiian spirituality and shamanic practices and is a devoted student of ancient Huna practices in her life and in her healing work.  

Also, as someone who spent over 30 years struggling with her body and body image (having been everything from a size 4 to a size 20) and a passion for fashion and empowering women through looking their best to feel transformed, Kristie has established her program called "Shopping and Shadow Work" which is a unique blend of energy healing and personal styling.  If this speaks to you, then it is for you. 

You can work with Kristie in any and all of these modalities to enhance your own healing. 

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