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Welcome To Mana Energy Collective

Mana Energy Collective was founded in 2021 by Kristie Goldstein as a sanctuary where people can come together and bring their whole self to receive healing, form community, deepen their spirituality, nurture their mental health and also have a lot of fun.  Join the movement.

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About Mana

So, what is this place?

Simply put, mana means power in Polynesian culture.  Mana energy collective was founded by Kristie Goldstein, who has a strong soul connection to Hawaii and strives to spread Hawaiian wisdom and healing to more people to show them how to harness their energy and unleash their power (mana) in their own lives.


As a movement, Mana Energy Collective is a "place" where people come together to heal, learn, grow, connect, and have fun.  It is for those who would like to: move, nourish, and align their physical energetic body; focus, and expand their minds; and connect with their soul and soul family, all while having a lot of fun, listening to great music, vibing with wonderful people, and probably drinking a lot of coffee (or tea, if that is your jam).

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Now Streaming

Calling out everything that does not serve our highest good.

Finding our "beach" - it's different for everyone. 

Embracing authenticity at all costs.

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Host Your Dream Party 

Gather your besties, and let me do the rest.  Do you have a party idea in mind? Submit an inquiry and let's get planning.  Birthdays, girls night out, bridal shower, or maybe its just Tuesday, we can make any day special.

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